Under Construction

Under Construction

Yes… We are STILL under construction.

But this time, it’s because

Timnath Beerwerks is coming Fall 2017!


It has been a whopping 964 days and counting since construction first began at the Colorado Feed & Grain. You can take a journey of our not-so-short road of lumber, drywall, concrete, and steel via this photo slideshow.

No – it hasn’t been easy. No – It has taken WAY longer than any of us had hoped. No – it wasn’t a quick fix construction. But YES – we are ALMOST there!

The Colorado Feed & Grain welcomes TImnath Beerwerks to Downtown Timnath, and apologizes to all of our neighbors for the continuous sight of concrete, railroad ties, dirt landscaping, and mega-sized dumpsters. We promise to make it up to you with a glass of cold, micro-brewed beer this Fall!

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