Science Friday: Recycled Beer

Science Friday: Recycled Beer

Science Friday Read about how beer can be recycled! #GoGreen#CoFeedGrain is so excited to see Timnath Beerwerks coming along.

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Beer wastes are being recycled to

make more environmentally friendly beer

After a brewery makes its beer it ends up with a whole lot of leftover grains. They don’t have much value and are usually composted or used to feed animals. However, there is a way that this waste can be useful! Scientists from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have converted these “useless” grains into a valuable liquid that can grow beer yeast. Beer making can be a self-renewing cycle, instead of creating so much waste.

Yeast is necessary for the fermentation that turns the sugars from grains into alcohol. Breweries need loads of yeast to make all their beer and the yeast needs a lot of food. When grains, like barley or hops, are fermented by yeast, the sugars, proteins, and nutrients are used up. The spent grains just contain just tough plant fibers. These grains make up 85% of waste.

Beer glass on table.

This new process spins straw into gold. The almost worthless grains can be transformed …. READ MORE ….


Photo- The researchers with their upcycled beer products. Image credits: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.