Project for Public Spaces Post: Sun, Sand, and Sidewalks in MA

Project for Public Spaces Post: Sun, Sand, and Sidewalks in MA

Sun, Sand, and Sidewalks:

Transforming Salisbury, Massachusetts

By Katherine Peinhardt on  | Project for Public Spaces

What can a garbage can tell you about placemaking?

This June, the Town of Salisbury, Massachusetts launched an ambitious program to improve and activate their beach center. They brought in a carousel, reclaimed a lane of traffic to create more space for pedestrians, installed a parklet, and set up programs like free outdoor movies — but it might be Salisbury’s garbage cans that best show how this community came together to take ownership of their public spaces. As visitors walk through the area, they are greeted by more than 60 garbage cans decorated by local artists with mini murals; a statement that colorfully shows how excited locals are to engage in a collaborative experiment to imagine what their town can be.

A local artist contributes to placemaking efforts in the beach center. Photo Credit: Salisbury Beach Partnership

Salisbury, Massachusetts has the classic story of a New England town, incorporated in 1640 and ….. READ MORE


Read how this MA town turned into #SomethingBeautiful after being supported by Project for Public Spaces . We are living in the age of #UrbanRevival and #Creativity. The before and after photos certainly made us at the #COFeedGrain feel #empowered to #ReviveMainStreet in #DowntownTimnath.
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