Our Story

Our Story

Celebrating tradition and embracing change through culturally-responsible commerce.

Originally built in 1920 as a grain elevator, this renovated landmark is a well-known and much-adored cultural centerpiece for life in Timnath, Colorado. This grain-bin elevator was built to serve the Great Western Railway, Colorado farmers, and local agriculture and has since housed a variety of popular uses and businesses. After an unpredictable few decades and a fire in 2012, the building has been elegantly reconstructed in hopes that it will once again become the hub for local commerce in Timnath and surrounding communities.
The CF&G building has commercial space totaling over 12,000 sq ft situated directly on the corner of Main Street and 3rd Avenue in Downtown Timnath. This town of Timnath was established in 1882 by homesteaders from the East looking to create a new community and future for their families. Throughout its century of life, it has lived many chapters and we hope to make this new chapter as a public market the best yet.

We lease to, support, and promote our business tenants in the food, drink, and retail industries. Our mission is to nurture a community space in the downtown Timnath area for our next-door neighbors, other businesses, and the greater Northern Colorado area.


As the CF&G, we embrace our cultural responsibility to cultivate community through commerce with great integrity, collaboration, and positivity.


Integrity- The CF&G cultivates commerce in a culturally-responsible way by supporting local, artisan, and boutique businesses as they start up and grow. We do so by redefining the commercial property Landlord-Tenant relationship through a business model of shared prosperity, unconventional thinking, and open communication.

Collaboration – We support our community by providing a fusion space where all are welcome, in collaboration with the CF&G and its partner-tenant businesses, to celebrate tradition and engage in change. Through inter-business synergy and investment, the CF&G supports creative commerce as a catalyst for social and cultural development.

Positivity – The CF&G strives to share the story of Timnath as a uniquely Colorado town, with roots in local, agricultural, and artisanal commerce stretching backwards and forwards through the centuries. While honoring the traditions of those who have journeyed before us, we empower each other in our responsibility to advance as a unique and sustainable community.


A letter from the manager

Dear Community Members and Friends,
The Colorado Feed & Grain is no stranger to the tragedy of uncontrollable circumstance. The building was originally purchased by my father to fulfill a dream of establishing a community-focused space through the form of a 1920’s-era soda fountain, complete with an ice cream station and candy-lined walls. Here he hoped to host pumpkin-carving contests, bake sales, and pinewood derby races that would bring together a fragmented community. But, as Timnath residents know, when a structural fire in 2012 destroyed 60% of the historic building, his dream also went to ashes. Through the emotional and financial costs of redesign and reconstruction, the dream for a community-centered Colorado Feed and Grain has risen from the ashes and is perched on the brink of becoming reality.

Throughout the reconstruction of the Colorado Feed & Grain, I assumed the responsibility for construction management while working full time in fulfilling my own dream to teach young minds. As the CF&G building is in transition from its reconstruction phase into its stage as a start-up business – and as I have the familial responsibility to bring to fruition a building and business model supported by hard work and dedication – in May 2017, I made the official (and terrifying) switch from ‘full-time first grade teacher’ to ‘full-time entrepreneur.’ My husband (a music teacher), my parents (a programmer and an occupational therapist), and myself are now investing in a business model that will reinvest in the people and community who have contributed so much to our shared experience.

Northern Colorado born and raised, this is my home and I am truly energized by the heartbeat of Downtown Timnath and its residents. It is the place my husband, my cat and I spend our afternoons, enjoy our evenings, and delight in our weekends. Working every day to revive this building and revitalize downtown will be a tireless effort of which I am proud to be a part. Thank you for your support and patience, and I look forward to the opportunities and shared experiences that the future will bring!


With love,

Becca Bay

Business Manager