Timnath History: Chief Friday, Timnath’s First Ambassador

Timnath History: Chief Friday, Timnath’s First Ambassador

Chief Friday was Timnath’s First Ambassador

Timnath History: 1800’s

A Native American of the Arapaho tribe, Chief Friday was a child when he got separated from his tribe. He was found by fur trapper Thomas Fitzpatrick in May, 1831 and taken to the East to learn English and go to school. Named Chief Friday because he was found on a Friday, he returned with Fitzpatrick to the Cache la Poudre area and eventually reunited with is parents and tribe. Chief Friday’s ability to speak English and Arapaho, as well as his determination to be peacekeeper among Native Americans and Western Pioneers alike, lead him to be a successful and strong leader throughout the 1800s. Chief Friday and the Arapaho’s story as some of the first visitors to the Timanth and Northern Colorado area is a fascinating one that we encourage you to continue reading! Find out more at the local library.

Chief Friday right, four American Indians in full dress. Copy of Newspaper photo. “Friday right at Cheyenne Agency c. 1864? American Philosopical Society. ” More details unknown.

Photos courtesy of: Fort Collins History Connection Archives